Dermacol, the Success Story

Dermacol, the Success Story


Popular Czech cosmetics brand Dermacol may not be one of the more familiar household names but, it is a brand that has been in the beauty industry for over 50 years. With a history in the film industry and beauty products that have been used by the stars, Dermacol is a brand that comes with a mighty reputation. Although Dermacol may have started in a small film studio in Prague, it has since grown to be an internationally recognized cosmetics company used by celebrity makeup artists and beauty professionals across the globe.

The Story Behind Dermacol Cosmetics

Dermacol Cosmetics was first introduced to the world back in the early 1960’s. Created in Barrandov Film Studios, the scope of the Dermacol brand focused primarily on creating products for the film industry. After achieving some initial success, the Dermacol team formed a few integral partnerships with dermatologists, film experts, and other beauty professionals to craft a makeup line superior to anything else that was readily available on the market. From there what is known as Dermacol’s breakthrough line, Dermacol Makeup Cover, was launched with aspirations to become the leading makeup line in film. With the success of Dermacol Makeup Cover, the brand quickly became known throughout Europe and soon thereafter, the world. Within the first couple of years that Dermacol was on the market, their footprint spread from Prague into neighboring countries like Russia, Ukraine, and eventually into the Middle East and even reaching Australia. By the time Dermacol was closing in on its 10th birthday it had reached Hollywood.

The Dermacol Makeup brand is one that is focused on providing superior quality makeup and experience. They do this through the Dermacol Makeup philosophy which provides a few guidelines the company must adhere to when creating, manufacturing, and distributing their exemplary products. At Dermacol, you’ll find products that are carefully crafted using the most advanced cosmetic technologies and formulated with only the finest ingredients from select European countries. Each and every Dermacol product is required to undergo strict clinical studies, though never tested on animals, to ensure they are meeting the brand’s standards. With these provisions in place and a commitment to delivering the best cosmetic products in their industry, Dermacol has made it a point to provide skin, body, and makeup products to people of all skin types.

Most Popular Dermacol Product

The introduction of Dermacol’s Makeup Cover line was a definitive turning point for the company. The vision behind those breakthrough Dermacol products can be attributed to the success you see today. It’s no surprise then that one of Dermacol’s most popular products is the Makeup Cover foundation. Dermacol Makeup Cover is a full coverage foundation that promises to provide the most intense coverage and still maintain a natural finish to skin. Dermacol Makeup Cover was one of the first brands to introduce such an opaque foundation with a formulation that is made up of 50 % pigment. This high concentration of pigments within the Dermacol Makeup Cover make it one of best foundations to cover more intense or difficult to conceal blemishes. The Dermacol Makeup Cover is great for completely neutralizing dark under eye circles and thoroughly camouflaging imperfections like hyperpigmentation, acne, bruises, and even tattoos. 

Dermacol Makeup Cover Review

For a scientifically savvy cosmetic company like Dermacol and a product that has stood the test of time, it makes perfect sense that the Dermacol Makeup Cover is highly celebrated across the beauty space. The most popular Dermacol review highlights not only the coverage of the Makeup Cover but its versatility. Users have claimed to have wonderful results using the Dermacol Makeup Cover for a variety of uses including as a concealer, a color corrector, in addition to a foundation. There is one other Dermacol review to note that should be taken into consideration. Because of its opaqueness a little of the Dermacol Makeup Cover will go a long way. Start off small and build your way up.

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