Is Dermacol foundation really worlds best full coverage foundation?

Is Dermacol foundation really worlds best full coverage foundation?

 Hi lovelies!!

I haven't posted in over a month so I thought i better get on here and talk about a foundation i have been loving recently called

Dermacol. Have i really just found my holy grail foundation?? It is a very high coverage foundation from the company Dermacol. This foundation is used for filmstudio, modelling and special effects and a little bit goes a long way! It claims to be waterproof, SPF 30 and Hypoallergenic. Firstly i would like to talk about the packaging, the box it comes in is very pretty and the gold "Dermacol" writing on the front really stands out. The tube itself is golden and sparkly. It's a small tube you get 30g worth of product but because it is really thick and high coverage you only need the smallest amount with each application. This foundation has so many uses, you can use it to cover tattoos, cover dark circles under your eyes, scars, you can cover loss of pigmentation in the skin and it just gives the skin a fresh and flawless appearance.

When i first tried this foundation just over a week ago I was shook and still am with how good my skin looked, it changed before my eyes!! I also found it to be long lasting as I had it on my face for a good 6 hours and it didn't crease in my smile lines which is fantastic because makeup creasing in my smile lines has always been a problem for me! After i applied this foundation I used my regular setting powder ( rimmel stay matte ) on top to set and make it stay on for longer, I also wanted a more matte finish so powder defintely solved that problem as the foundation has more of a satin finish to it without any powder.

 After posting my thoughts on this foundation onto my instagram, Dermacol noticed my posts and amazingly contacted me and I sent them an email with my video and photos reviewing their foundation and I was featured on the Dermacol's instagram page which made me feel absolutely amazing! Thank you Dermacol! I love this makeup and cosmetics brand and i can't wait to try out then review more of their products.

Review of the WORLDS most full coverage foundation ??!!
Samantha Grace

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