How to Choose Your DERMACOL Shade by Alex

How to Choose Your DERMACOL Shade by Alex

by Alex

Hi makeup lovers,

So I have finally got my Dermacol Makeup Cover shade video ready for you guys.

In this video I talk about all of the shades on their own, I make a reference to `Estee Lauder- Double wear , have sone swatches for you and also answer some FaQ about application and all of that.

Here is the reference to Double wear:
ivory nude ~208
Ecru ~209
Fresco~ 210
Pebble ~222
warm vanilla ~210
Cool cream ~213
Aburn~ 224
Pure Beige ~222

Dermacol shades :
208 ~ warm
207 ~ cool
209~ cool
210~ warm neutral
213~ cool neutral
215~ cool. neutral
218 ~warm
221~ neutral
222~ warm
223 ~ warm neutral
224 ~warm auburn

Hope this video will be very helpful for all of you out there struggling to find your shade.
if you have any question, don't hesitate to ask and I will happily help you, if I can .

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