Dermacol Makeup Cover foundation took social media by storm, everyone wanted to try the ‘worlds most full coverage and waterproof foundation’, but was it just a gemic? Instagram literally made me buy this foundation, but at the same time I too, really wanted to test the claims of this innovative foundation.

It claims that it can literally cover tattoos and skin pigmentation and it contains 50% pigmentation in that small tube. What intrigued me the most was the claims that it could cover dark circles, without the need to colour correct. I have extremely dark under eyes, which without colour correcting would look ashy under a concealer, so for me that would be the biggest test of all. Could this foundation really be that amazing that it would cover even my dark circles.

Dermacol: The Brand

Dermacol is a Czech brand which launched in the 1960’s. It launched its Makeup Cover line in the same year, being the first of its kind in the world. In 1968, the Dermacol Brand sold its licence to Hollywood.

Dermacol sells everything from makeup, skin care, hair care and fragrances. You can find a range of their products at 

Dermacol Makeup Cover Foundation

What intrigues most people about this foundation, is the benefits it claims to have:

  • Waterproof;
  • 50% pigmentation;
  • hypoallergenic;
  •  SPF 30;
  • Preservative free
  • covers all types of discolouration.

Many of us, have even seen on social media, that this foundation can cover even the darkest tattoos and that is what makes us click that buy button.

I did a full video review, testing whether the foundation is in fact waterproof, if it covers dark circles and how long it lasts on the face. For a full video review CLICK the link below:

Dermacol Foundation Review


(Left to Right) Shades 222 and 221

I think that the biggest negative that a lot of people have found with this foundation is the shade range and selection. On the Dermacol website (link above), you can choose from 11 shades. However, if you are of a darker complexion, unfortunately there is not a shade for you. The darkest shade that Dermacol offer is 224, which looks like it would suit someone with a tanned skin tone. I think a wider shade range is definately needed.

When I picked my shades, I actually ended up buying 3 shades which I felt would be somewhere near my skin tone. I think this was the most difficult part for me, but in the end I bought shades 218, 221 and 222. Shade 218 was far more on the pink side (warm tone) than it is shown on the website and this has been a criticism shared by many people. The shades, as shown on the website, are not true to colour and so you have to buy at least 2 shades minimum in order to get a shade match (hopefully).

Once on the face, the foundation shade may be slightly lighter than you will see on the hand. I tested shade 222 on my face, which appeared to be darker on the hand than it was on my face. However, once you have gone through all the bronzing and contouring, you can get the shade to work for you, so it is not as bad as you may think. I would advise to be mindful that the shades are lighter than you would expect.

Before and After

The biggest question on your mind right now is; does it live up to the hype social media has given it?


 Face Before


Above is my face before I used the foundation. What you can see from the picture is that, I have dark circles (which I ALWAYS colour correct) and I have a few blemishes as well. Normally, when I do a full face of makeup I would colour correct under my eyes, with a orange concealer and around my mouth in order to get a even colour from my foundation.

Like with all of my looks, I had applied a moisturiser and primer to my face, which does help with the longevity of the makeup. However, this is an essential step in makeup, so I didn’t want to leave it out during my test of this product.


 Face After


You can see from the above picture that my dark circles have been completely covered. I did not use a colour corrector at all in the application. The foundation has also covered up all of the blemishes as well. It definitely was full coverage, I used only a pea size amount (as it says) of the foundation and it covered the entire face, you do not need a lot of the product to achieve coverage. A little bit goes a long way. The tube contains 30g of product for £25, considering the amount you would you, this should last you a while.

The consistency of the foundation is quite thick and creamy and it does have a small scent, which didn’t bother me, but I think that it is personal preference. I did test whether the foundation is waterproof (you can see this in my video – link above) but it is in fact waterproof. The water literally slides off the foundation, therefore living up to its claims.

As the foundation contains an SPF 30, I did do a flash test (which I show you in the video) and it does not give any flash back, which is a definite bonus. The last thing you want is a white cast in pictures, which is highly unflattering.


I think its important for me state that I am dry skinned, so for my skin type, the foundation lasted all day. I put it on at 11 am and at 10 pm, my skin was still flawless. I did have a small amount of movement on my nose but that may be more so to do with me touching my nose throughout the day. For me on this aspect of the foundation, I think it does what it says. However, this may be different for other skin types.

I think powdering the foundation after applying does help, as it is a bit sticky on its own. I would recommend setting the foundation for all skin types.

Final thoughts… 

Personally, I think this foundation is amazing, for £25 and the small amount you would use to cover the entire face, the product would last you a while. I wouldn’t recommend this foundation for everyday use (but thats my personal opinion).

The only negative I would say is the limited shade range and the colours not being true to the shades as shown online. I would recommend this foundation to makeup artists who do bridal, editorial, movie or fashion makeup, I think this would be great for a full coverage, flawless look, especially as it is waterproof.

I would also be interested to see/hear how this works on oily skin and if the longevity is the same for other skin types (let me know in the comments).


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