Dermacol Liquid Lipstick Review: 16H Lip Colour That Lasts Hours!

Dermacol Liquid Lipstick Review: 16H Lip Colour That Lasts Hours!

by Adriana Michelle Davalos

Liquidy, smooth, and pouty are three adjectives I would use to describe my lips after applying Dermacol’s 16H Lip Colour Lipstick. After using three of the Czech brand’s lip shades, I can happily say – “They are fab!”

The lipsticks are a 2-in-1 creation where I applied the color part first, let dry, then apply the glossy coat. Part one is filled with rich and intense colors that have an extra long-lasting effect for hours. Part two is a glossy coat that shields your color with natural oils, beeswax, and vitamin E that makes lips smooth and full.

Blogger, Adriana Michelle, wearing Dermocal 16H Lip Colour Shade 04/Users/AdrianaMichelle/Desktop/Adriana_Michelle_Davalos.png

From my experience, the colors last for hours without needing a touch-up. The glossy part ended up fading, but the color stayed on for good, especially if I wore a shade that was rich in color like in the photo above.

After a long day of activities, each shade color ended up looking like a pigmented lip stain after 6+ hours, and never rubbed off on a drinking glass, utensil, or napkin while enjoying a meal. It was fantastic!

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I recommend re-applying the gloss every once in a while if you want to enjoy a glossy pout through the day. But you will notice the color stays on for days!

Better get a great makeup remover because you’re gunna’ need it!

New Swatches (top) – Day Old Swatches (bottom)New Swatches (top) - Day Old Swatches (bottom)


Source: AMB Magazine

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