DERMACOL Base and Foundation

DERMACOL Base and Foundation

Hi girls... Today I will write about famous and the most pigmented foundation ever - DERMACOL.

This new foundation is made in EU ( Czech Republic ) if we talk about original Dermacol, and also you can find copy on ebay and similar stores ( but the formula is not the same). I choose 4 g packing because I want to try few colors. Also you can order full size foundation ( 30g ) and smaller tester foundation (0,5g) which is I believed enough for one use. I choose colors 207, 208 and 212 and I am wearing on the pictures down bellow 207 and it is a little bit dark for me I believed that 208 will be perfect for me.

I have really sensitive skin so I never sun my face so be aware when you chose your color. They recommend to use base first and they send me base tester for free, after that foundation and setting powder. Foundation looks much better with base, and I use essence matt powder for setting. I agree that this foundation is the most pigmented and coverage, but for me this is for weddings, proms, and similar special occasion, it can be maybe little to much for every day.

Foundation has SPF 30 which is really great for summer to protect your face. It is very light on face, and if you have oily skin you will need that matt setting powder. It is perfect for covering everything, you do not need concealer, or any color correcting creams... I will definitely order full size in 208 (if you have really light skin like me). Huge recommendation especially for special occasion.


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