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Have you tried the Dermacol Aroma Ritual shower gel line yet? If not, and you're looking for a great pick me up for shower time be sure to check these out.



I picked out this shower gel woth watermelon, since I instantly fell in love with the scent it had. I loved the other ones as well but this one was exactly made for me. If you know how the frutish orbits the ones with watermelon taste smell like this has the exact smell as chewing those gums. It does not feel like too much after the shower but (as I asked my husband right now) it will leave you a bit of water melon like scent. I honestly thought that it is not even discoverable but I have proof it does now. After using it I feel refreshed and ready to conquer the world and I always think it is a shame that I shower in the evening. But I still can conquer the world of dreams I guess.

I don't really know what else to say about this, I mean it a shower gel, it will wash your body parts and leave you with smelling like a watermelon gum, what else can you want from the world?

Don't think binary.



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