Studio Foundation, Dermacol

Studio Foundation, Dermacol

I have a treat for you today!

Have you ever heard of Dermacol?...No?

well your not on your own this product (which has been around for years) is pretty new to me. This foundation is the first foundation in the world that has 50% pigments specially made for studio work, the rights to this makeup was then sold to Hollywood which was used for film camera and studio work. Whats good for movie stars is good for me! ( and you )

This foundation has 50% pigments as i say the only foundation brand that has done this its higher pigmented than any other foundation on the market. So are you wondering who or what this foundation will be good for? Anyone that suffers with any kind of skin discolouration or acne problems you will love this little baby as it covers anything first time leaving the skin looking soft natural and fresh. You can cover birthmarks, roseca, skin pigmentation even tattoos with this bad boy of a foundation. It has a silicone base so its super quick and easy to blend, it will be fab for dry skins and normal skins, oily skins you can still use this BUT you will need a Matt primer first. You could even use this as a concealer if you didn't want that complete foundation face, it don't leave a mask but you will need to match up your colour correctly.

This I have to say will definitely have to be my first choice foundation for my brides as it looks amazing on camera and in photographs.

Dermacol Mackup Cover

This foundation is water resistant so its great in summer if you want to take a dip in the pool and be confident that you will still have the perfect complexion, (remember though to waterproof the rest of your makeup) It has 12 shades to choose from so everyone should find a shade for them. Another thing I'm loving about this foundation, the fact its in a squeezy tube so theres no way any air can get into the product creating bacteria.

You will only need the tiniest bit as it is as I say so highly pigmented, I generally use it as a concealer on myself, so I dab a brush onto the tip of the product and use it any where its needed, if your doing a full face foundation I would recommend squeezing enough out and quickly warm it up with your fingers dab on the face and blend with a good buffing brush.

I have a picture here of me with no makeup, all i have on is my double base moisturiser, and a second picture of my makeup  using this fantastic Dermacol foundation as an all over base.

No filters or airbrushing has been used so check out the results.

Studio Foundation, Dermacol.


Don't be scared off by the bare face. This is without any makeup on what so ever, you can see I have dark eyes I actually have redness around the nose too which the camera didn't pick up too well and 2 blemishes by the brow...

Studio Foundation, Dermacol.

In this picture i have used the dermacol foundation all over the face, i used my normal primer first (benefits porefessional) and i used HD powder to set the makeup into place which i find oily skins will need to do as that silicone base does make it slip and slide so setting it with a powder will ensure it stays put. When you apply this foundation you will need to leave it for a few minutes to settle, the longer you leave it the better it looks, so i leave it to do its magic 10 minutes before powdering.

Hopefully you enjoyed this little post, Lots of love, from your foundation perfect friend, Hannah ♡

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