GREAT CARE for healthy and beautiful feet

GREAT CARE for healthy and beautiful feet

Soft Heel Balm

Emollient Heel Balm

  • effectively cares for, softens and regenerates  dry and cracked heel skin.
  • salicylic acid prevents the formation of rough skin on your heels and eliminates itching.
  • olive oil intensively nourishes and calms your skin.
  • vitamin E has significant antioxidant effects, it improves your skin's.
  • surface and increases your skin's enzymatic activity.
  • panthenol supports skin healing, moisturizes and has anti-inflammatory effects.
  • has deodorizing effects; the fresh scent  will make your feet fragrant and relaxed.
  • your skin will stay soft, moisturized and soothed.
  • dermatologically tested.

100 ml

Use: Apply onto clean feet once to twice a day.

Fresh Shoe Spray

Refreshing Feet and Shoe Spray

  • provides 24-hour protection  against unpleasant odors
  • the active ingredient Sensidin ®DO prevents the growth of  micro-organisms that processes sweat
  • effectively eliminates the odors that form when your feet sweat
  • the fresh scent refreshes your feet’s skin and your shoes
  • cooling menthol relieves tired feet
  • leaves your feet and shoes treated, pleasantly fragrant and protected against odor
  • dermatologically tested

130 ml


  • Apply onto your feet as needed.
  • Spray the inside of your shoes before and after wearing them.

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