Dermacol lip seduction lipstick review

Dermacol lip seduction lipstick review

Lip products… I feel like you either don’t really care about them or are straight out obsessed with them. I am one of the ones who are obsessed with them. When I attempted to do a What’s in my bag youtube video, I mentioned that my favorite lipsticks was Color Appeal from Dermacol. Now that it’s not available any more I wanted to try their new range of lipstick called Lip Seduction.

The lipstick comes in a dark blue metal tube with gold writing on it. The really cool thing is the click mechanism to get the lipstick out. The base is transparent plastic, so you can see the true color of the lipstick. Right away, I was drawn to shade no. 3 and also got myself no. 2. I expected no. 3,  a great coral-pink color, to be my favorite, but to my surprise no. 2 was the favorite. Although I already own a number of lip products the color similar to no. 2, there is something about the color that makes it so appealing.

The Lipstick is very creamy, pigmented it is a hydrating formula. It glides on and instantly fills in any ridges or cracks leaving your lips looking beautiful and full. The hydrating formula has active ingredients, which help regenerate the lips. I can vouch that there must be some truth in that because ever since I started wearing it, even after I remove my lipstick my lips are hydrated and overall I have not had problems with them cracking, despite the cold weather.

Dermacol lip seduction lipstick

The lasting power is decent (2-3 hours), it’s not the best, but  since it is a moisturizing formula it is something I expected.  It is not a problem to reapply. There are 12 colors to choose from and 3 out of the twelve have glitter particles. Overall, I think that this is lipstick you can wear on a day to day basis and because of its moisturizing properties it can even replace your favorite lip balm.

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