I came across this from a beauty group that I'm a member of on Facebook. Some of the girls had used it (some weren't keen, but most loved it), so I thought I should give it a try. I'm not sure where you can order it from online shopping wise, but I ordered mine from eBay link here and I made sure I chose a seller located in the Uk and it arrived in 3 days. Bonus!

As soon as it arrived I couldn't wait to try it, so I wiped off my make-up and got to work. I first applied some serum and then moisturiser as I had heard it was quite a dry base. I applied a smidgen to the back of my hand to test it out (pictured below) and I must admit I was a little worried at first because when it comes out of the tube it is very thick and rich, but as I warmed it up on the back of my hand, the consistency became a bit thinner and therefore much easier to work with. It is definitely a full coverage foundation though, but I think you can use as little or as much as you like so you can achieve the desired effect. Just so you know, this smudge that you can see in the photo below was WAYYYY too much for my face. So just bare that in mind if you try it!

I then applied it with my fingers and then going in with my trusty real techniques sponge just to get rid of any excess product and to make sure it was evenly distributed on my face

 It did cling to some of my dry patches as you can see in the photo above. In particular just between my eyebrows, which I am having issues with at the moment so there is nothing new there! There isn't a huge amount of flashback when a flash is used (see pic below), so would be good on a night out as well, this is because it contains no SPF, so bare that in mind..

I will at some point be doing a post on using this and other types of makeup to cover scars (of which I have a few on my legs from a car accident). But even as just a moisturiser, this is amazeballs! It is a tad drying, but my skin is not loving life at the moment anyway (probably this lovely British summer were having) *rain pours against window as I'm typing*....

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