Cover your tattoos using Dermacol Make-up Cover by @nurmakeup

Cover your tattoos using Dermacol Make-up Cover by @nurmakeup


Good morning beautiful souls!!!

Here's a quick video I did using @dermacol to cover up my tattoo.. If you remember my last Tattoo cover up video I did, I used correctors first. This is WAY FASTER and EASIER!! No need to correct first, just one layer of this foundation does the trick. I dabbed it with my fingers then I used a beauty blender to blend it out. The only step I didn't show in this video was when I set it with translucent powder at the end to set foundation in place. I purchased one tube to take with me to Europe next month

I can't even describe how amazing this foundation is!!! It's super duper thick and super full coverage so definitely not for someone who loves the "natural look" even though a tiny bit goes a long long way, if you don't know how to work with full coverage foundations, you won't like it!! I'm obsessed with it because I love FULL COVERAGE!

And I can still make this work by mixing it with moisturizer or serum to brake it down and make it more of a light weight foundation! You can also use it to highlight or mix with your foundation to get extra coverage on days you need it. In love with it... No lie, I'm obsessed with it.

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